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Artwork by Zefi,

Image reproduced by permission from

Painting of Tasmanian Devil. Reproduced with permission.

Copyright information

All images on sites owned and co-owned by Zefi Famelis are property of Zefi Famelis and copyrighted. Unauthorized use or reproduction of images from these sites is prohibited.

Gaining permission to use an image

I am willing to grant permission to use my images/content as long as all of the following details are followed exactly. However, though I'm open to acceptable use, I reserve the right to deny use at my own discretion

- If you would like to use one of my images/content you must contact me to request permission.

- I may grant permission for an image(s)/content to be used on a website/blog only. Printing images and selling items with images is prohibited.

- I will then send you a copy of the image(s) you want to use including a small watermark. Only images with the watermark can be used with permission. Examples of these are shown on the left. Distorting images is not allowed as it ruins the balance and proportion of the image, and frankly, discredits my work.

- You must credit the images/content to Zefi and link to my website for the duration of your use of the image/content. See examples of acceptable use of images on left.

- Permission will be granted on an individual (per site) basis. You will need to let me know what site/page you want to use my images on, and if you want to use any of my images on another site later on, you must contact me again for that site.

- After you have placed the image/content on your site, please send me a link to for final approval.  

What is not acceptable

- Use of images/content without permission.

- Use of images to be reproduced, offered for sale or distributed in any form.

- Use of images without watermark.

- Not giving credit or linking back to ZA site.

- Distortion, resizing or cropping of images when used.

Use of graphics

In almost all cases watermarking graphics designed for the Poodle Room and other sites is not feasible, therefore permission will not be granted to use those graphics.

Contact me if you would like to obtain permission to use one of my images.

Zefi Famelis


All images on this site are the property of Zefi Famelis; 2003-2013.
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