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I'm an artist and graphic designer living in the Derwent Valley of Tasmania Australia. I work from home painting pet portraits on commission, painting for local galleries, and doing freelance design work for web or print for people all over the world.

My gallery is a collection of original paintings for sale or available through my CafePress Shop.

Outside my art, my passion is for poodles and I breed and exhibit gorgeous standard poodles in black and white. Visit Pantone Poodles to see my poodles.

About My Work

I've had over 12 years of experience working as a graphic designer in the print industry, marketing and advertising. I also have a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from the Victorian College of Arts in Melbourne. I combine my qualifications and experience in my own business - providing a mix of design and fine art in a way that can be applied to almost any job.

Having come from a fine art background with many years experience in graphic design, I am able to bring together aesthetics and practical design to create jobs that not only look good but are cost effective to produce. My experience in the print industry has given me a solid knowledge of the processes which I bring to my work.

I can help create an image for your business which will reflect who you are and what you do, by listening to what you want and taking into consideration what will work for you. I can help improve brand recognition, help you reach your target market with the right image and the right advertising material best suited to your business.

Brochures, newsletters, logo design, corporate identity, annual reports, business cards, flyers, posters, books... portraits, paintings, craft objects, personalized items for your hobby or your business. Anything is possible.

Browse my design page to see some examples of my graphic design work. I would be happy to discuss how I can help you promote your business or your hobby.

Contact me if you would like to see my online portfolio.

Zefi Famelis

Mobile 0425 760 588

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